Tiny House Price

Tiny House Price

Tiny House Prices

The cost of a tiny house varies between 30,000 euros and 45,000 euros. Accessories in Turkey vary according to abroad. It is useful to create a cost list and technical information package for the best tiny house price. The price of one tiny house is 8 meters and 30,000 euros. However, with additional add-ons, this price goes up to 45,000 euros. Prices do not include shipping and customs fees. It is useful to contact us for 2023 Current Tiny House Prices.

Tiny House Prices | Last updated: January 1, 2023
Width↓LengthTotal HeightPrice
2.55 metre tek kat6 metre (15.3m2)4 metre28.000 Euro
2.55 metre 0+17 metre (23m2)4 metre30.000 Euro
2.55 metre 2+18 metre (28m2)4 metre33.000 Euro
2.55 metre 3+18 metre (30m2)4 metre36.000 Euro

* Production time takes 45-60 working days depending on the density.
*Prices do not include customs and shipping costs.

What Is The Real Cost Of Tiny House?

This stage is very important. Variations are available depending on exactly what you want in a tiny house. We, as the Gorgor House team, send the products we produce to 35 countries of the world, mainly Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark, Switzerland, England, Italy, the United States of America. The most important issue here is the features that a tiny house should have. The productions are suitable under the conditions of Turkey and the productions are very sensitive within the permissions given by the local authorities. Many materials used in Turkey are not valid for European countries.

It is important that the materials and products used in European countries are completely CE and E certified products approved by local authorities. The price of a tiny house in Turkey is in the 30.000 euro band, but this is not valid for European countries. CE and E documents are mandatory in European countries. These documents are not compulsory in Turkey. CE and E certified electrical installations, lamps and lights, doors and windows, kitchen cabinets and materials used, window glasses all require CE and E certificates. At this stage, the price of one tiny house between Turkey and European countries varies between 3,000 euros and 8,000 euros. These prices do not include Customs and shipping charges.

How Much is the Customs and Shipping Fee?

In countries such as Germany, France, Switzerland, Italy, England, the Netherlands, customs and shipping fees vary between 7,000 euros and 8,000 euros. This price does not include the product. In addition, these fees include customs clearance in Turkey and shipping fees in Turkey. It varies according to the customs of the country abroad. If we want to give an example, a customs and shipping fee of 7,000 euros is charged for Germany. When the product arrives at the German customs, the customer has to pay the German local tax rate, that is, the product VAT 19%, in order to receive the product from the German customs. It can use this VAT rate as an expense. After paying this rate, the customer pays the shipping fee between the customs and the location and address where the product will arrive.

Tiny House Models

As Gorgor, we have 6 different models that we produce. We produce different models when the customer demands. For our personalized models, please send a notification to and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

How Much Is the Wheelhouse Price?

First of all, the price of 1 8 meters wheelhouse starts from 33,000 euros. Prices vary according to options. For the best wheelhouse price, please make a list and specify what you want, this will guide you and give you the best possible price. Wheelhouses are a product that is produced legally and that local authorities will not require additional documents. Wheelhouses are also known as caravans. to the highest

What is a Mobile Home?

A mobile home is a small house that can be transported on the road like a vehicle, which you can take to different locations whenever you want. Mobile Homes are generally small buildings, and they are a house that contains almost all the needs of a large mobile home, but has a license and plate, but does not have an engine. Mobile homes are among the preferences of nature lovers or people who want to make a new start in nature. Mobile House These are the houses that can be easily transported on the road with a 4×4 off-road vehicle or a vehicle with 2,000 engine power anywhere in the world. However, although these structures are known as trailers, they are generally suitable for fixed terrain. Mobile homes are not suitable for continuous transportation on the road due to their size.



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